An advanced tool designed for implementing integrated and precisely targeted communication in email and mobile

Using SARE you build strong relationship with current and potential clients and different receivers your actions.


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  • 30 days trial
  • Number of addresses: 500
  • Sending limit: 2 500


15 EUR/month
  • Number of months: 12
  • Number of addresses: 1 000
  • Sending limit: none


31 EUR/month
  • Number of months: 12
  • Number of addresses: 5 000
  • Sending limit: none


62 EUR/month
  • Number of months: 12
  • Number of addresses: 10 000
  • Sending limit: none


124 EUR/month
  • Number of months: 12
  • Number of addresses: 25 000
  • Sending limit: none


372 EUR/month
  • Number of months: 12
  • Number of addresses: 100 000
  • Sending limit: none

Dynamic content

Do you want your messages to be send have a various content tailored to the preferences of consumers? Use the function of dynamic content. On the basis of the characteristics assigned to the email address or information about its activity dynamic content enables to prepare an individual message. Example: Send a mailing to subscribers, who’ve opened your last three messages and give them a discount code for a larger amount than for those who have not reply your messages. If you have information about the recipient's interests or sex, you can automatically adjust their content to them.
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Advanced personalization

SARE system allows you to build a message that contains unique parameters for each recipient. Use the welcome salutation, add individual discount codes, links and graphics. Do you want your message to be unique? Personalize the title! Do you send several messages from various consultants? Use the name and address personalization while planning only one mailing. Name of a dedicated seller will appears on “From” field in inboxes. See how simple it is.
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Social media integration

Using integration of the SARE system with Facebook and Twitter you can automatically insert a newsletter on your fanpage during the planning of mailing. Do you obtain email addresses from social sites? From the system level you add a bookmark to subscribe your newsletter on Facebook and Twitter. As a result, customers will be assigned directly to your base. In addition to that, by using special footers you can encourage recipients to share the newsletter on their social profiles. In this way you can promote messages on Facebook, Twitter, and the reporting system will show you which one is most effective.

Responsive design

While preparing your mailings do not forget about the people receiving emails on their phones. SARE system generates a preview of how the message will be displayed on mobile devices. In SARE you can also order a responsive templates implementation that will be displayed correctly regardless of the device through which it will be received.
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Bar codes

SARE allows for the sending of emails which contain bar codes. These bar codes can be fully personalized. The system automatically transforms character chains into their graphic equivalents and embeds them in the content of a mailing or a newsletter. After a message is printed the bar code can be read by a cash register as well as other commercial bar code scanners. This tool helps to attract the recipient of a message to a shop (or other place where bar codes are used) and provides for an even more accurate assessment of the message campaign’s effectiveness.
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Generating discount codes

You can enrich email and SMS messages by sending your recipients the unique discounts codes generated directly in SARE system. Individual codes consist of a string of numbers and letters in your chosen configuration. This mechanism works very well in various kinds of contests.
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By using SARE you can perform advanced marketing research. You can choose from different types of questions: single choice, multiple choice, open and matrix and the question about email (which can be used to extended your database). In addition, you can use the conditioning questions and upload your own survey’s template. The option of answers filtration will help you analyze the results. Check how the implementation of surveys can increase the effectiveness of your marketing and sales activities. The functionality of the survey is often used also in the different types of contests.
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Surveys in the message

You can perform a survey putting it directly in the mail. This mechanism works well in cyclic asking closed questions, for example, one question per day. You can also show the correct answer to the question of the day before in the message.
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You can place video in your mailing to increase recipient’s interest. You can generate a preview of the film stated on Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, Metacafe, Dailymotion or Video-mails also contribute to improve campaign results - an increase the number of clicks.

Graphic design

By using editor build-in to the system you can easily prepare a draft mailing. You can also order the SARE graphical design preparation of mailing, newsletter, surveys and many others in our Graphic Department.
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SAREscript is an open development platform. You can easily create new functionalities that meet your current needs. For several top solutions there have been defined interfaces. By using SAREscript you can modify and personalize the content of the message in advanced way and effectively manage the your database. You can also start remarketing activities. Combining the solution with API and SOAP interfaces offers almost unlimited possibilities for developers.

Demographic Targeting

By choosing the group of specific addresses for the message you can use all the demographic data in the database. In this way you easily perform a segmentation of your database.
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Behavioral targeting

Use all information on the users’ behavior to build the appropriate recipients’ groups. For example: you can send a message to people interested in the chosen subject or product. Behavioral targeting also applies to the selection of the appropriate communication channel – to recipients who do not open emails you can send SMS message. Finding the most appropriate audience is a key element in the process of planning an email marketing campaign. Declarative data is often not consistent with the actual customers’ preferences, so behavioral targeting may be more effective in your campaigns.
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Selection - Intuitive data filtering

While using the graphical algorithms select group of customers by creating simple and advanced filters. With this option you can easily filter your database, add a user to specific group and plan a campaign.

A/B/X testing

Before a proper mailing to large database, make sure you run A / B / X testing with different versions of message to a smaller group. Basing on the test results you find out which one brings the best results. In this way you can test an unlimited number of messages with different title and content. The final campaign to the final recipients can be set manually with selected period, or automatically after defining the previously selected parameters. Unlimited A / B / X testing also allows SAREscript.
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The creation tester

Do you test your emails? Now you do not need multiple mailboxes at different sites. SARE system allows you to validate mailing displaying in over 40 most popular mailboxes. Analyze your message with any need to log in different accounts. Check the view that messages are displayed with locked and unlocked graphics. Previews generated in creation tester can be downloaded from the system.
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A detailed analysis of the sent emails will help you determine the likelihood of its stopping by spam filters. The system displays potentially dangerous items with their description. Analyzing the results you receive information about the outcome of spam-​​test in both: the scoring and descriptive rate.

Mailing optimizer

By using the mailing optimizer you have the ability to precisely test the messages on different days and hours. When planning a campaign, you can define a few terms of delivery. Reports will indicate at what time the recipient's most willingly open and click your messages.
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Personalized mailing date

While personalizing mailing date you make the message reach the audience in their preferred hours, followed the opening of previous correspondence.
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This function presents a different perspective on planning your activities. Using this type of mailing you set a campaign without having its full parameters, such as the creation or title. This type of delivery also allows you to reserve selection on chosen date and time. It is particularly useful when the SARE account SARE is operated by more than one person.
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Automatic conditional messages/emails

Do you define the conditions under which the mailing or SMS is automatically send? SARE system will send it even to a single recipient. The condition may be an instance of the specified date, time or a certain behavior (e.g. opening the message, click, subscribing, making a purchase or logging). This feature also allows you to release emails or other birthday reminders. You can define all the patterns of consecutive messages.
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Transactional emails

Do you sale online? Use the function of automatic transactional emails delivery. Messages are sent as soon as the specific action/transactions are completed – e.g. email with information on selected products is sent to the customer after order confirmation. Using transactional emails you keep your client informed of the order status.
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Follow up

Define a series of messages automatically run when a particular condition is accomplished. Next emails are sent after a specified number of days from opening or sending the previous one. You can modify a defined follow-up at any time. This type of mailing works very well in building relationships with clients, as well as post sales emails.
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Cyclical email and SMS

From the system level you can automatically define cyclical mailing. Thanks to this you build a solid relationship with the client and take care of your recipient’s loyalty. To these actions you can also use birthday SMS and emails.
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SMS campaigns

Do you send SMS messages? Use the SMS module in the SARE system. Integrate the email actions with SMS campaigns raising the effectiveness of your activities. Define a dedicated sender of the message. Use the SMS channel for distribution of discount codes or reminders of important information.
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Transactional SMS messages

Do you sale online? Use the function of automatic SMS transaction delivery. Messages are sent as soon as the specific action/transactions are completed. Thanks to this you can pass discount codes, or codes to confirm the transaction.
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SMS sending with return channel

Do you run SMS communication? Use function of return channel. Get answers to your SMS actions and accumulate them in SARE system reports. Thanks to this all campaigns will be held in one place.


SARE X is a remarketing system that supports SARE system in the field of observation the user’s behavior on the client target site, after leaving the message. You can use it to expand the knowledge about your recipients and to integrate the sending of emails and SMS messages. Thanks to SARE X you will select a database of users who spent a lot of time on particular product’s site after receiving the message, or have opted for this product, but at the last minute abandoned shopping cart. For such a group, you can send SMS message or email with special promotional terms or call and ask about the reasons for the resignation.
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Advanced reporting

Analyze the results of your campaign. SARE system has a very powerful reporting module that enables you to follow in detail your actions and to compare the results with other campaigns. In reports you will find the following information: name and message’s preview, target group, time of delivery, returns (along with their causes), the number of openings, resigns, clicks, CTR, used the dispatch filters, the most popular links and tags. Looking at the map of clicks you will quickly learn which elements of your message get the most recipients’ interest. The results are presented in tables and graphs so that you can filter and export from the system. You can also analyze the growth and activity your database.
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Domain reports

While analyzing reports you can check addresses from which domains use your current receiver. Make sure your mailing will preview in correct way in those domains.
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Mail agents reports

Detailed reports allow you to check out what mail agents your recipients use. Statistics presented are divided into openings and clicks. Make sure your mailing will preview in correct way in those mail agents.
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Dynamic reports

Additional functionality is dynamic reports that you can generate in the form of a website. In this report, you will find basic and detailed information about your actions with descriptive summary and evaluation of results. The report can be adapted to your needs by using SARE editor.
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Find out where you have the most clients! With geolocation you will learn where your messages are received and where you do not have clients.

API/SOAP integration with external systems

Do you integrate data from external systems using the REST API / SOAP API - two primary interfaces for data exchange? REST API becomes activated automatically when you create an account in the system. It helps you collect data from the form, or to add individual email addresses. To synchronize data (append, overwrite, delete) with other systems you will use the SOAP API, providing secure exchange of large data packets.
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SARE system integration with Magento

Are you using Magento? Thanks to the integration SARE with Magento you will get access to advanced features of SARE system. In easy and effective way you connect information about the recipients with transactional data such as: purchasing history, address, the last order, average order value, last login time and many others. You can target your campaigns basing on the testing of shopping cart. All this information you can easily export from the system.
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SARE system integration with iStore

Are you using iStore? Integrate your SARE account with iStore and your clients’ contact data will be imported into the SARE system. With this integration you will start a personalized email and SMS communication to your store’s clients. Chceck advanced statistics and improve the quality of your communication.
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SARE system integration with click apps

Do you have a lot of fans on your Facebook fanpage? Use these contacts in your actions. Use click apps plugin and get data from Facebook directly to the SARE system.
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SARE system integration with Coremetrics

SARE system provides integration with one of the most powerful analytical tools - IBM Cormetrics. Integrate your account today and use an advanced monitoring data to carry out email marketing activities.
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SARE system integration with Salesforce

Do you manage relationships with clients using Salesforce? Integrate the SARE system and download database to the mailing system.

SARE system integration with Update

Integration of SARE and CRM will help you to share the data between those tools. You can easily pass the addresses from CRM database to SARE system. The details about the customers are stored in CRM system, what means that specific target group must be created to make a dispatch to this group. Next step is to provide it to e mail system. Sharing data is processed directly within SARE and update.CRM integration so it will allow you to save your valuable time and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

SARE system integration with Quartic

Quartic is a system of recommendation. The integration allows you to send personalized e mails including information about the products being viewed by your subscribers on your website.
Function/Package Free Starter Standard Premium
clicks and viewing reports
verification message sending
setting own e-mail sender
scheduling message sending for specific time and date
use of premade templates
database importing and exporting to system
possibility to specify survey duration
reports - domain and email client statistics
testing messages from the editor
Social Media integration
message spam test
dedicated consultant
integracja ze stroną www
integracja z Google Analitycs
wprowadzenie filtrów dla wysyłek e-mail
raporty – mapa kliknięć kreacji
szkolenie on-line
individual survey
uploading own survey template
individual survey
retargeting of sent messages
SAREscript functionality
conditioned message sending
e-mail sender and subject personalization
survey paging
possibility to run a survey
personal training in SARE office
no limit on number of survey questions
unlimited number of running surveys

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